Reducing the EU dependence on critical raw materials for solar panel production

Development of technological solutions for reusing Silicon, recycling PV modules and designing new products

Resilex aims to improve the resilience and sustainability of the entire Silicon value chain in the EU.


Reducing EU dependence on Silicon imports from third countries


Developing a new carbon-free and more efficient process for the production of Silicon


Recycling end-of-use solar PV panels for producing Li-ion battery cells

RESiLEX will reduce the environmental footprint of Solar Panels production

The project will impact on the whole Silicon value chain: starting from developing more efficient photovoltaic solar cells and modules, up to implementing a new circular model, where end-of-life solar panels are recycled and reused
32 %

Share of EU. sourced Silicon used in solar panel production

66 %

EU dependence on Silicon imports from China


End-of-life Silicon metal recycled today in the EU


The RESiLEX project has started!

June 2022 marked the beginning of the RESiLEX project, an Innovation Action funded by Horizon Europe programme, which focuses on reducing EU dependence on critical raw materials for solar panel production.

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