The scientific and technical work of RESiLEX covers the full value chain of Silicon. The project activities will demonstrate 8 industry-driven innovative solutions, aiming at sustainable and resilient critical raw material value chains in Europe. Each activity has a dedicated demonstration pilot, reaching TRL 6-7.

Recovery of valuable and CRM in the mining industry

This activity focuses on the mineral extraction industry, with the aim of developing and validating innovative solutions focused on the recovery of critical raw materials from wastes generated within this field, such as cobalt or antimony.

Sustainable silicon production

Focussing on the first steps of the Silicon value chain, the activity’s main objective is the demonstration and development of a carbon-free sustainable process for producing Silicon and Silicon alloys suitable for solar applications.

Sustainable, eco-designed solar cells & modules

Improving the eco-design and sustainability of Silicon-based solar cells and modules, developing and demonstrating several aspects, such as CRM-free solar cells and Silicon wafers from revalorized Silicon wastes.

Silicon recycling from PV modules

Development of innovative methods for recycling end-of-life PV panels, by extracting and reusing Silicon and other materials used for their construction. Here, the main aim is the one of reducing the EU’s demand for primary materials and hence lessening its reliance on imported CRM.

Development of high-efficiency Si composite for Li-ion batteries

Recovered Silicon obtained during the previous activity will be employed to replace graphene anode in Li-ion batteries by high-energy density Silicon-carbon composite anodes.

Multi-faceted Impact assessment & EU policy recommendations

Assessing the improvements reached in the Silicon value chain, and integrating the new-developed solutions in a wider context. Based on this analysis, RESiLEX will provide EU policy recommendations through an open-source platform.