The Project



Resilient Enhancement for the Silicon Industry Leveraging the European matrix is a Horizon Europe project that has the main aim of improving the resilience and sustainability of critical raw material value chain in Europe. In order to reach this result, the project aims at demonstrating 8 industry-driven technological and business innovative solutions covering the full Silicon value chain.


Silicon is one of the few critical raw materials used in most of the strategic renewable energy applications: improving its value chain is of major importance for the EU’s resilience, as this material is used in several key sectors, from batteries to PV & ICT, and it’s not easily replayable without serious loss of end performance or increase of cost.

The core activity of RESiLEX

Is to strengthen each part of the Silicon value chain, through the technological improvement of all its processes, from the extraction and transformation of the raw material up to the optimization and recycling of PV modules, and the reuse of Silicon for Lion Batteries.


Coordinated by ISMC, RESiLEX is carried out by a consortium of: 21 partners from 8 European countries (including Switzerland and UK), including research organizations, SMEs, universities and associations.
Start: 1 June 2022
End: 1 June 2026