WEBINAR: Critical Raw Materials, what is at stake?

The EU’s ambition to become a climate-neutral economy by 2050, and its ability to sustain the green
and digital transition and achieve strategic autonomy, all rely heavily on reliable, secure and resilient
access to critical raw materials (CRMs).

For this purpose, the EU put forward in 2023 the Critica Raw Materials Act, a new piece of legislation that should enter into force in early 2024. In this regard, RESILEX and REEsilience projects organised an online webinar to discuss the subject.

You can watch the replay here

During the webinar we gave a closer look at the regulation together with an expert from the European Commission, then, the two projects presented their solutions (currently development) aimed at addressing the objectives of the CRM act. A final closing intervention was given from the COMET group, a belgian company specialyzing in the recovery of valuable metal waste.

You can download the presentations below:

The EU Policy on Raw Materials and the CRM Act – Daniel Cios (European Commission)

The Resilex project – Santiago Cuesta-Lòpez (Iberian Sustainable Mining Cluster)

The REEsilience project – Carlo Burkhardt (Pforzheim University)

Critical Raw Materials – Recycling Solutions – Marie Nicolle (Groupe Comet)

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